So I read recently that yoga may be able to change the activity of your genes!!

These claims are backed up by a scientific review …  great, but what does that actually mean?

Well from how I understand it, when practicing yoga we undergo a ‘downregulation’ of nuclear factor kappa B, which is a substance produced by the body when the sympathetic nervous system is activated by stress.  Not just stress though, there are some really big hitters here like ultraviolet irradiation, heavy metals, free radicals  and viral & bacterial antigens. This means that it plays an important role in how the immune system reacts to infection too.

Basically this is a reversal of the molecular signature of chronic stress and by the same token, responsible for reducing the risk of inflammation related diseases.

I don’t need scientific back up to tell you that yoga is incredibly good for you, because I feel it deep down in my core.

So let’s not get bogged down by the science, instead, let’s just drop down to the mat.

Sending you love,


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