It was a pretty impressive bridge – hanging there all red & green shine as slow cows and hot people meandered across it. I was excited as I stepped onto it; this significant bridge became a symbol for this period in my life, because it was about to change mine.

That was one year ago now and as I crossed The River Ganges that day I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I did know is that I would never be the same again when I crossed back over.

When I first decided to come to India there was only one reason – Yoga – If I was going anywhere to retreat in it, it was going to be its birthplace – that’s how I ended up looking at yoga retreats in Rishikesh, a little town at the foothills of the Himalayas. While browsing I realised that instead of going to an Ashram to practice, I could actually go to school and learn to teach. Something ignited a flame in me that day and it burns bright still.

A year ago today I started my journey from yoga doer to yoga teacher.

Throwing myself wholeheartedly into the experience, I stretched myself to the point of exhaustion and then I stretched some more. For the first week I arrived at school every morning sore but willing. I handed myself over to my yogi and if he said jump, I jumped. I ignored the voice in my head that said ‘can’t’ and listened only to his voice that said ‘do’. As if on automatic pilot my body would bend and twist on his instruction and I loved every single minute of it.

I have beautiful, shiny, colourful tales to tell about my time in India but they are not what this post is about.

Today it’s about celebrating ‘getting it right’.

It’s about realising your path and following it.

It’s about growing and learning no matter your age.

It’s about following your dreams.

It’s about it never being too late.

And most of all it’s about about freedom – the freedom we all should have to pursue what we love and do something wonderful with it.

The photo below is from my trip and if you can see the look on my face, it will tell you  how I felt in India throughout the whole experience. It was taken in the Himalayas just after sunrise and when I posted this shot on Social Media I wrote the words below…


“I think this face says it all. This has been such a beautiful journey of the soul for me and I am filled with gratitude.

Here in India, I looked beyond the messy streets and into the hearts of the people, for that is what is most important.

I have pushed my body to new limits and it has rewarded me with greater strength and flexibility.

I’ve crossed paths with warriors of peace and I’ve charged myself with the energy that surrounds this place … the ancient energy that comes from the mountains, the guru’s, the yogi’s and the hearts of all who came before to find peace, love & harmony. Of those who have learned to take that love and wrap it around the world one by one, I am one.”


Since qualifying to teach yoga, I’ve built a business around it and I absolutely love helping people realise just how wonderful it is and what it can do for them. Last year I held my first retreat and this year I’m hosting my second … I seriously can’t wait to help more people fall in love with it. If you like to know more about that, just follow this link: