This little exercise is one I do in my Moksha class, which is a 3 part process for mind, body & spirit.

I ask that you write down something that you’ve never told another living soul. Something you regret or that still niggles you. Something you’re ashamed of. Something that makes you feel guilty. Something that you feel you have to carry as a burden. Something that sits in your head … always.

Write it down in full detail. What it was, how it happened, how it made you feel at the time, why you wish it hadn’t, everything. Get every last drop of it down on a piece of paper and then I want you to say goodbye to it by flame.

I like to give it a sense of ceremony and a sense of finality, so I use a firepit and actually, before now, I’ve used a terracotta plant pot. Load it with twigs, some paper twists (easy to make yourself), some sage leaves and lavender.

Get the fire going before you start and when you’re ready, when you’ve written it all down and mentally said goodbye to it, I want you to burn it in whatever way feels right for you … thrown, torn, placed or cornered, just whatever feels right and then say something to release the energy from it into the flame.  Say something that sets your intention for it to be gone from you, but remember to be kind in letting go.

The sage will clear any negative energy and the lavender will reduce any anxiety attached to it.

Then go have a nice bath or shower and never think about it again …