Is it really you choosing your food?

Me and candida are not friends. That nasty little fungi that feeds on sugar was overgrowing in me last year and getting rid of it was not a great experience, so I will make sure I never get it again and I’d love to help you identify it so that you can do the same.

I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to Candida; call it a gut instinct maybe (pun intended) and when I speak to my clients during their consultations, I’ve always instinctively known if they have it or not by the answers I get to my questions. It’s really clear to see, unless you’re the one in it, then you can’t see your nose for your face.

Instinct is a wonderful thing and I use mine all the time, but it’s great to have a back up right? So I was glad to get a little help in this respect via a lovely client of mine who had just started my 90 day programme. At her consultation I’d told her I suspected she had a candida overgrowth, in fact I could pretty much guarantee it. But of course I’ve got no way of proving that. Then not long after, during one of our catch up calls, she tells me that a friend of hers had told her about a little test to detect it … The Spit Test – how cool is that? She said you had to spit into a glass, leave it for an hour, then check to see if it had any tendrils growing from it. She’d tried it, got the tendrils and confirmed she had it … I knew it 😉

Of course my clients have always believed me when I’ve told them in the past and I do also ask them a particular set of questions to help me identify it, so it’s not just a guess. Still it’s nice to have something more concrete than an ‘I just know’ to offer them in the future.

Investigating this little trick online I found some more information about ‘The Spittle Test’, which I will share with you below. For me, it fits my whole philosophy about being quick and easy, because when time gets in the way things that should get done get left behind and we never seem to move forward with our goals.

It happens all the time – imagine the scenario:

So you want to lose weight and you’ve been told you’ve got candida, but you want proof. So you need to get tested and you cant get an appointment for 3 weeks and then you remember that you don’t get paid till 4 weeks later so you better leave it 4 weeks and all of a sudden, you’ve lost a months worth of healthy living which would have made a big difference to your weight already. You see what I mean?

That’s why I love quick and easy tests like the food intolerance test and this spittle one – theres no room for excuses.

The intolerance test is another one that helps me help you, because it’s what your body wants and needs that I then write into your meal plan and recipes. It’s all so tailored to you, it gets fast results.

More of that another time. For now, here it is, the quick and easy spit test to see if you have too much candida in your gut…


First thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth or have breakfast, fill a glass with room temperature water and spit into it. Leave it for 20 – 30 minutes then check it for these 3 things:

Tendrils floating down from the saliva
A cloudy lump of spit at the bottom of the glass
Clear speckles of separated spit in the water

Candida is a nasty little beast and it’s not just one … there are lots of them because they operate in a colony and it absolutely doesn’t want to die. This is one of the reasons you crave the sweet things and you’ll be surprised that when you’ve finished the programme, or even earlier than that, you’ll taste something sweet that you’ve been looking forward to and it really won’t taste as good as you remember it. That’s because you’ve actually been harbouring a hijacking sweet toothed fungi that had been turning up your cravings switch.

Do yourself a favour and get free of its pesky little clutches. I bet you’ll find you really don’t love that chocolate bar as much as you think you do. By the way, did you just salivate thinking about that chocolate bar?

Do the test and if you see it lurking, join my membership site, download the candida cleanse month long programme and get rid of the nasty little beast … it will be the best £10 you’ll ever spend!! Sign up here:

Hope you have a great day and I’m sending you love,