Many years ago when I grew in the East End of London, I remember women in pinnies on their hands and knees cleaning their front doorsteps en mass. It was a bit like a religious event and every housewife in town went at it like a dervish.

Soap and water costs nothing’ they would say and while these women were poor in pounds, they were rich in pride. When they were finished the step was so highly polished, you could see your face in it.

This was a time when a ‘spring clean’ was an actual physical thing that happened in spring.

These days we can interpret it and use it at anytime and for anything we wish. Anything we wish to give a new lease of life to, so I thought I’d step back into tradition slightly with a little spiritual twist…

When you step into my home you are surrounded by peace and tranquillity. It has the most beautiful energy and it’s something everyone comments on. I bring clients here and they need a safe space to learn yoga, to meditate, to feel secure during the writing therapy and to generally feel safe & loved.

This energy did not happen by accident. I created it by spiritual cleaning and I’d like to help you do the same.

Here’s a little guide to get you started. Perhaps start with just one room.

Step one

Tidy up and declotter. It’s easy to trap pockets of heavy energy under piles of crap

Step two

Dust & hoover

Step three

Open the windows and clean the sills and frames with a solution of salt, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in warm water

Step four

Close the windows when dry

Step five

You’re going to smudge the room, but before you start, stand facing toward East and ask for help. I’m not going to get too woo woo on you here, so I suggest you simply say something like:

I call upon all that is good to ask for help in cleaning this space of negativity and darkness and keep it filled with love and light. Thank you

You will need a smudge stick, preferably white sage & cedar mixed. A bowl with a little sand in to extinguish the stick when you’re done. A box of matches. A feather is optional.

Start at the door and smudge the whole room in a clockwise direction using a clockwork motion. Make sure you get right up and down into the corners and pay extra attention around door and window frames and the fireplace if you have one. You can also use a feather to help distribute the smoke easily.

Step six

Into each corner of the room put a small pile of salt

Step seven

Say a little blessing of gratitude, it doesn’t have to be all song and dance, it can simply be something like.

Thank you for this safe and loving space that we call home

I hope you enjoy the process and the results and if you’d like to delve a little more into the spiritual there will be places for that on the membership site and I’d love to see you there.

With love & light,

What does spirituality mean to you? Come on over to my group and let’s discuss it: