So I just read an interesting article about women in the Huff post (it’s because I’ve been up since 4:50am!) – Anyway, it was titled:

‘13 Things Middle-Aged Women Say They Want In Their Next Lover’

While I’m not loving the ‘Middle Aged Women tag, the article rings pretty true … but I don’t think these things should be restricted to ‘middle-aged women’ – I think this is simply how it should be in every relationship. It said things like:

Perhaps it’s because we are ‘middle-aged’ that we won’t tolerate anything less than the above; I certainly won’t. Have to say my tolerance level is very low these days – to the point that I think I’m going to live out my dotage with a cat … or quite possibly a duck.

But I’m thinking that as ‘middle-aged’ women, we need to guide our younger sisters into knowing what great relationships are. To remind them of what they are worth and what they deserve. To make them understand that they don’t just have to put up with all that is wrong to have some bits that are right. To boost their confidence and their understanding that the right man will just fit. I’m pretty sure that’s what they want.

It should not even be a consideration that us women will tolerate anything less than magical in a relationship, no matter our age. All relationships should be built on love, respect and crazy & delicious little surges of excitement when we think about the man in our life – Is that expecting too much?

This is not about middle age, this is simply what women want…

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