Unless you’ve been living in a cave you will have heard about the CBD revolution. Legalised cannabis for medicinal purposes they say, but it’s much more than that. It’s an entire biological system present in all living things with vertebrae and that includes us…


Let me explain. Our human ECS (Endocannabinoid system) is made up from 2 types of receptors, namely CB1 & CB2 and it optimises the function of our mind and body. Gosh, I side tracked for a minute there, right back to 1995 when I was studying reflexology as medicine – those were very big words to me then, but I learned a lot about the human systems then, so I no longer trip over these kind of words now. To be fair, there’s really no earthly reason anyone should know this stuff in depth unless they are doctoring, but it’s relevant here I think so I’ll explain and try not to bore the pants off you. Back to my point – due to this, CBD both supports and bolsters our natural ECS helping to keep us in perfect balance.


Talking of big words, included in our ECS system are:


Hypothalamus: Our remote control – temperature, hunger, sleep, thirst, circadian rhythms


Pituitary Gland: Our farmer – produces hormone to stimulate the adrenals to produce other hormones


Pineal: Our sandman – produces melatonin so that you can sleep


Parathyroid:  Our milkman – controls your calcium levels


Thyroid: Our clock – produces hormones that regulate the body


Thymus: Our army – they train our T cells – white blood cell defenders


Pancreas: Our dietician – produces insulin and digestive enzymes


Adrenals: Our monitor – produces hormones vital to life


Kidneys: Our bin men – they take out the trash


Ovaries: Our Creative Director – produce eggs, oestrogen and progesterone


That’s a pretty important system, right?


As you’ll see on my site, I promote CBD products and in particular Hempura products and here’s why…


Let’s start with the 3 common methods of extraction:


Oil – Alcohol – CO2


Look it up and you will see that CO2 extraction gives a cleaner, safer and higher quality concentrate. Hempura use this method

Now let’s talk legit product:


Here in the UK, the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) lab tested random products they had bought from eBay. Out of 4 samples, only 1 had CBD in and that was only at half the advertised level.


A study in the US revealed that out of 84 CBD products, only 31% of them contained the amount of CBD advertised on the label.


How do you know you’re getting what you paid for AND that it’s safe? Easy … Hempura products are lab certificated guaranteeing quality and levels of CBD in product.


What else should you know about Hempura products?


Well, the hemp plants are organically grown with no pesticides at all and are manufactured to the highest standards. They are fully traceable, and all batches are lab tested, including spot checks throughout the year.


And you know what else? YOU CAN BUY CBD CHOCOLATE! Sorry, I just had to shout that. Alongside the traditional oil products, you can actually get the amazing health benefits of CBD oil all wrapped in delicious white chocolate – total win.


Hmmmm talking about chocolate, we better talk dosage! Well, the human body does not need large doses of cbd, but finding the right dose for you is important and will save you money. So how?


The Up-titration Method (all these big words!)


For all its mighty wordiness, this is simply a gradual increase in dose, diarising the effects as you go until you get to the best dose for you. So, start from 10-15mg a day and work your way up from there, week by week to best assess the effects on you.


The best way to take these products is sublingual (here we go again!). This just means under the tongue. By keeping it there for around at least a minute you will increase the absorption of CBD.


Whether you want to take CBD oil for overall health and wellbeing or you have a medical condition, always start with the lowest dosage and use the up-titration method until you find the perfect balance for you. It may take a bit of time, but it will benefit you greatly in the long run and it’s a long run we all want right?

Check out their products here: https://www.bellibone.co.uk/shop/cbd-products/