When I’m writing meal plans for my clients I almost always include a daily dose of msm, because it’s like a little bit of natural magic.

MSM occurs naturally in foods like veg, nuts, fruits and seeds and in us. It has an active role to play in the acid/alkaline balance and it’s vital to cell and tissue creation and regeneration. So where is it? Well, it can be found in the largest organ we have, our skin. And it’s also in our hair, hormones, bones, nails and muscles.

A deficiency of msm can cause a poor immune system, weakening of the joints and fatigue and as it’s not something that’s regularly tested for these ailments are often misdiagnosed

There’s a whole list of body benefits associated with msm from it being a pain relief and anti inflammatory, to having a positive effect on autoimmune diseases as it’s able to normalise the immune system. It’s pretty incredible stuff and yet you’ve probably never heard of it.

In my meal plans I combine it with ascorbic acid powder to be added to water and drank once a day. When combined these two substances act like superheros inside your body with one opening up your cells for the good stuff to get in and the other battling away the bad stuff so it can’t – it’s a powerful duo.

So here’s a little list of things msm is good for.

Regulates your bowels

Anti parasitic

Muscle pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Digestive disorders

Immune boosting

Rheumatoid arthritis




Phew … and that’s not all, but it will do for now to give you an idea of why I recommend it.

The health market is overpopulated with so many products all claiming to be the latest holy grail, but there’s not much out there that can compare to msm in the amount of ailments it can address at one time and the benefits it gives to the human body.

So do me a favour, make the next health supplement you buy msm powder, I promise your body will thank you for it now and in many, many, many, years to come.

Sending you love,


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