Ready for a little test?

I was working with a client yesterday whose yoga level would be great, if it wasn’t for a couple of rogue body parts inhibiting her flexibility. This is terribly frustrating but quite common and it’s something that happens when you’ve had an injury or surgery. You’re told you need to build the muscles up around the area and so you head to the gym and get your weights on. This is great, but not so great for your flexibility.

What happens then is you build muscle, making the area stronger but without stretching the area out, you’ll get muscle bound and your movements will become restricted. Even without an injury or surgery, this is a common problem if you’re not stretching your body out.

So humour me here.

If you go to the gym and train with weights, actually, whether you do or not, can you stand up, put your arms up in the air, palms together, arms straight up and resting against your ears (check this in the mirror). OK and if you can do that, can you now move just your arms back using your shoulders while keeping your head and body straight? If yes, brilliant!! Keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing. if no, then if you don’t start working on your flexibility in this area, your movement will get more and more restricted as you age.

We’ve probably all seen our seniors struggle to reach up into a cupboard. We’ve most likely all seen shoulders we used to rely on slowly round into a hunch. And we’ve more than likely noticed medicine cabinets or little pill boxes filled with drugs that mask stiff joints, arthritic pain and age related general malaise … but we don’t have to become them. We have a choice and the sooner we make it, the longer, happier and more flexible we will live.

All of this can be prevented by taking up yoga, even if you do it for just 10 minutes a day.

To start you off, here’s an exercise that can help you if you’ve had any injuries or weakness around the knees, ankles or across the top of the back and shoulders – or you just feel a bit stiff.

The following Eagle is demonstrated by Bellibone member Hayley Pearson.





Let me know if it helps and any questions, come on over to my Facebook page where I’ll be doing a demo of this pose later today

Sending you love,