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As you may know I blogged on day 1 and day 2, then realised that I’d be blogging for 28 days on this cleanse and that would be boring! So, I’m chunking it into weeks.

The point of me blogging about this is that I am a complete novice in the raw food world, so I’m testing and learning along the way, which may help you if you ever decide to give it a try.

One of the most important things I’ve learned, and I believe I said it in day 1, is that it’s tastier and easier to eat the smaller you make it. So a food processor is an absolute godsend.

I also said in that blog that it was time consuming, but now I’m not so sure. It actually only takes a few minutes to make a smoothie and not that long to make up salads or raw plates, so I’m going to take that back. Of course I only have myself to worry about so if you have a family that you are cooking for, it will of course add to your timescales. BUT, with a bit of prep like cutting the ends off the celery and storing in a jar, pre washing all the green things, blitzing carrots in the food processor and storing in a zip lock bag, cutting up that pineapple and storing in a container … well, you get the idea, right?

But here’s the main thing I wanted to talk to you about … I don’t think I have ever … ever … ever felt so good AND I’m someone who is a real healthy eater. There is something about doing this that my body adores and I’m finding it really easy – the best way I think I can explain it is by talking about smoking … stay with me here.

I used to be a smoker. But I was not an addicted smoker. I smoked because I enjoyed it, but if I felt like not smoking, then I just wouldn’t. When I gave up gave up (yes, I said it twice), there came a point where even smelling a cigarette left me blank. I did not crave it, think how nice it would be, wish I had a glass of red in my hand, felt tempted or even curious – it was simply nothing and that is how I feel on this cleanse … nothing.


Like today (Sunday), I’ve been out with friends down to Greenwich Market, which by the way has a fantastic food market with lots of street food stalls including the Ethiopian stall which I love love love. I met my friends around 1pm and they had not eaten and I’d only had a smoothie earlier on in the morning. We went wandering around the market accompanied by the most amazing aromas that whooshed up nostrils and played tantalisingly with brains … but not mine. There was nothing. No hunger pain, no craving, no holier than thou ‘look at me aint I good’ martyrdom. There was simply nothing. That is really how easy it seems. When I got home, I took my time preparing a meal and didn’t eat half of it as I was making it, which, if I’m honest, I do a lot normally because I LOVE EATING!


Something has happened to my body and I believe it’s something primal. As you may know if you’ve read me before, I go on about us being biological creatures in tune with this planet. A planet that supplies us with all we need to not just survive, but to thrive. If you think about it, us humans and this planet before it got all advanced and shiz, well this is how we would have been eating AND even though some people talk about Paleo, i.e. hunter gatherer, I’m not sure how easy it would have been for everyone to hunt, catch, butcher and cook meat – so we would have been predominately herbivores. I think this is why my body feels like it does. It’s like I’ve plugged myself back into source and I’m saying, ‘Hi honey I’m home’.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to convert to being a rawretarian (or whatever the name is), but after the 28 days (If I make it) I am going to include a lot of raw days into my days. I will go back to my normal regime, which is super healthy anyway, but never depriving and always tasty and I’m sure that will be great. As it is, I get up every day and think WOW I’m on day blah and I can’t quite believe it because by now I should be getting fed up, hungry, headachy, willing the days by, thinking about when I can eat something cooked etc. but none of that is happening. So this is really blooming interesting!

Recipes hmmmm well, I’ve made some that you’ve seen on Day 1 and Day 2 and I’ve made some more which you’ve not. But I will share them. And I’ve made some mistakes, like the grapefruit in my morning smoothie which ruined it. And my biggest mistake, but also my greatest victory so far was my sprouted chickpea hummus. As my greatest victory it was the first thing I have ever sprouted myself and I was preening at how easy it was! Day 2 I took 2 cupsful of those glorious spermified pulses and turned them into the hummus. The rest I rinsed and put back in the dark cupboard and that is where I made a fatal mistake. I thought I needed to keep growing the tails for another day or two and when I removed them the next day … they had gone mouldy.  Lesson learned.

But, let me tell you how to do it, and just remember my lesson!


You will need:

A large jar, like a mason jar

Some cheesecloth or net to put over the top of the jar

An elastic band

Bag of dry chickpeas


Now the how to:

Best done overnight

Fill the jar halfway with chickpeas

Cover to 2 inches above them with cold water

Cover the top with the cheesecloth and secure with an elastic band

Put in a dark cupboard

Soak for 8 – 10 hours

Pour out the water and rinse the chickpeas thoroughly, then put back in the jar without any water, cover the top with the cheesecloth and elastic band and put back in the dark cupboard overnight

The next day:

They should have already started sprouting. Fill the jar with water and swish around to rinse the chickpeas. Pour them out into a sieve or colander and rinse again, then put back in the jar without the water, cover and put back in the cupboard

The day after that:

The tails should be longer. Repeat the rinsing process and now you can take two mugsful to make hummus and store the rest in an airtight container in the fridge.

Spouted chickpea hummus:

2 mugs of chickpeas

Juice of a lemon

Half a large courgette

Himalayan pink salt

Handful of fresh basil



Put it all in a food processor to break down, then into a blender to make smooth. You can store this in the fridge for a couple of days. How does it taste you say? Well, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a very different and it takes a minute or so to process, but when you do, it’s actually delicious! I like mine in avocado halves.

By the way, sprouted chickpeas have a much higher protein content than cooked ones. Good to know right!

 The other thing I took my time with was the spirulina powder … I’ve always found it gagmongous! Just the smell of it turns my stomach! But, as it turns out, it’s easy to disguise in smoothies so that was a huge relief!

So there we are, all up to date. Oh and talking of dates, I fiddled and faddled and made some really tasty bite treats from seeds and stuff – So not technically raw I don’t think or can’t confirm with the ones I had, but definitely acceptable. I will include that little humdinger of a recipe in my next blog. Also not technically raw is my cbd oil which I put in my smoothies, but I’m good with that as I know what great health properties it comes with. You can get some to add to yours here: https://www.bellibone.co.uk/shop/cbd-products/



That’s me for now, Day 7, still raw! If you want to talk about any of this, have any questions or want some advice, come on over to my page and let’s chat: https://www.facebook.com/KymVincentiHealthCoach/

Sending you love,