At 54 I expected flushes, moods, weight gain and all manner of unpleasant symptoms associated with that monster the menopause, but according to my blood tests, I’m through it and I didn’t even realise. Now please don’t hate me for that because my periods drove me right through hell itself … and pulled over on the way for theater trips and overnight stays at the local hospital at a time when I should have been enjoying life so much more. So now I feel like maybe I deserved to get off lightly at this junction.

But I’ve lately come to realise that one of the reasons for my lack of menopause symptoms is my lifestyle.

I eat real food

I do yoga

I meditate

I truly believe that these are key to not only looking & feeling younger, but also preventing the worst kind of symptoms we women endure purely for being … well, women!

I’ve learned it’s all about balance.

You are a mind residing in a body that has a spirit, so why would you focus all of your efforts on training just the one?

To be ‘in balance’ and to live life at optimum health, we must love ourselves in 3 parts. Get all three elements working in unison and bingo … it’s a beautiful life.

This is why I now specialise in Mind, Body & Spirit coaching because one won’t work properly without the other and I know I can help resolve that. It’s why people suffer from unresolved illness, stress, depression, being overweight and various imbalances including hormonal, sometimes for years and it’s so unfair.

So how do I do it? Well for me, it’s like this…

My Mind

Having suffered greatly with mental stress from my early years, I eventually worked out a way to train my mind to keep it healthy, but it was many years later and I had to wade through a hell of a lot of shit to come out the other side. I now use these practices tools and techniques with my clients. Here are just a few things people have said about them…

‘I know with every bit of my being that had I done that in the past it would have transformed many ‘low’ years in my life. On the plus side, that transformation can now begin to take place. ‘


“A very powerful piece of writing and techniques that I am a little scared of using because I’m scared of what will come out of it”


“You don’t go down rabbit holes of lots of background research, it’s a very clear call to action, backed by a compelling story and practical, do-it-now exercises. It’s brilliant”

My Body

I’ve always kept my body strong and I know subconsciously that I’ve done that because life has been a battle and I’ve only had myself to rely on. I felt that keeping physically strong was a necessity for me. The one time I didn’t was when I damaged my Achilles and piled on 4 stone in my late forties … worst time ever to do it! I can’t tell you how distressed I was about that, but if you’ve been overweight then I know you’ll understand. For all the hardcore and competitive sport I’ve done over the years none of it can touch yoga for the way it streamlines your body and gives freedom of movement through flexibility. Everyone should do it if they want to remain fit and flexible as they age … fact. I simply love teaching it and seeing what it can do.

My Spirit

Now this has probably been my most healthy part even without knowing it. I have always had this very strong connection to the earth and Mother Nature has nurtured that part of me very well. So even before I studied meditation or knew really what it was, I was sitting in trees and lying on grass mentally travelling to peaceful places. Because it’s something that has been with me my whole life, I’m instinctively super good at helping clients with theirs.

Testimonials are of course a great way to show new and potential clients how and why I can help them, but the proof is always in the pudding. I will however share with you with this simple one, as it covers all aspects of what I can do for you:

‘Kym’s rare gift in all that she does is to understand and help people at their core. She does this with her words, her meditations and her yoga. What Kym has done for me will stay with me forever, both in how it has helped propel me forward, but also in how she has helped create a beautiful memory and moment that I will cherish every time I think about it.’

I would genuinely love to help you get your mind, body & spirit in balance so that you can live as you deserve … beautiful and free!

With love,


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