My top 3 tips to help you stay on track…

#1 Eat Real Food For Life

There are a lot of diets and regimes out there that talk about ‘cheat days’. Well for a start I can’t stand the word cheat – it conjures up only bad things and I would never want to be called a cheat in my life so I have no intention of practicing the habit. There is no need to cheat if you eat real food – your body will balance and you can eat chocolate & chips if you feel like it, as long as you don’t make these a part of your staple diet.

#2 Leave your yoga mat down on the floor

When you’re really busy, there is no time to exercise. This is bullshit. My daily yoga routine that works out all of your body, takes just 15 minutes. EVERYONE has 15 minutes a day. And just so as I don’t forget when I find those 15 minutes, I keep my yoga mat down.

#3 Don’t drink coffee at home

Like most of us I like coffee … trouble is, I like coffee with milk and sugar. These days I’m terribly grateful for the hip coffee establishments that froth me my flat white in almond milk style … that is exactly how I keep myself from drinking too much – I go out for it!

That’s it for today – Sending love to you <3

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