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Remember being a teenager and feeling your hip bones? Looking at those collar bone ends and those shoulder bumps – those rounded protrusions we took for granted back in the day until we blossomed into womanhood and things got  a little more curvy. Well, I’m way back in the day and you can even see my ribs. But I’m not dieting. I’m buzzing with energy and feel amazing – even so, whether other people mention it or not, I really can’t afford to lose any more weight.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve been working on balance in both work and business. I’ve been training and researching and practicing and trialing until I got to a place where I know I can really help others reach their goals and it’s not about one thing. It’s about all that experience and knowing how to test and assess someone else to design the right plan for them.  For me personally though, I already know what to eat, how much yoga to do, when to withdraw into me and focus on my mental wellbeing and I’m already living a ‘happy in my clothes’ lifestyle. However, I came across lots of interesting information about eating raw food and wanted to try it, so I put myself on a 28 day raw cleanse.

The big prompt came about when I was listening to an audio book recently, reinforced all that I believe in and over the past 5 years I’ve been on a mission to get to the bottom of my Nan’s Rheumatoid Arthritis and other family problems that are all experienced by the females. I’ve done shedloads of research and put together a ton of information, but the final piece of the puzzle came about when I downloaded The Medical Medium – and there it was, all the things I’ve been thinking, saying and writing about on this journey were there, plus a lot more … I knew it!!

Anyway, today I am 17 days raw and I’m still finding it easy and very enjoyable. Last Easter weekend, I cooked a full roast for my son and his friend and didn’t have one craving – I just didn’t care. Instead I sat down with them and ate a delicious salad with a tomato, chilli & lime dressing. I’d also made desserts, raw ones too and the kids loved them!

I want to be brutally honest with this blog and let you know the good and the bad, but if I’m honest, I’m struggling to find any bad.

Is it more expensive? Yes it is for someone like me as normally I eat a lot of pulses which don’t cost very much at all. But I can’t say its’ astronomical and I’m going organic wherever possible.

I have no toilet troubles, no hunger pains, no cravings, no problems eating out as I just go for a salad, although, while in Covent Garden last week with my lovely whirly friend, we found ‘Redemption‘, a vegan place with a raw food section – cheesecake to die for by the way. There I had a wonderful Pad Thai with an amazing zingy dressing that I’ve copied best I can (recipe below).

As someone who loves hacking food anyway, I’ve been having fun creating and yesterday I made some eye opening energy shots by blitzing up lemons, ginger and fresh turmeric – a great afternoon spring in my step … not that I can get much springier!

I love it so much that when my 28 days finishes, I’m going to incorporate it into my lifestyle and I’m thinking, weekdays raw, weekends not – but we’ll see.

As for those recipes I mentioned, here we are…

 Zingy Salad Dressing


Peel and chop the lime. Cut the stalk top from the tomato and peel the garlic cloves, then add all of the ingredients to a blender and blitz – that simple!

 Super shots



Peel the lemons, ginger and turmeric and all all to a blender with a cup of water and blitz. One shot in the afternoon is great and this will last a few days, stored in the fridge.

I have loved this so much and can totally see the benefits. I’ve totally thrown myself into it and still managed to go about my daily life. I’ve worked out what equipment is best, what works and what doesn’t, portion sizes and I’ve created lots of recipes and now I want to share that with you, so here’s the skinny…

If you’re looking to boost your health, your energy or lose some extra pounds, then I’d love to show you how. Sometimes getting started on your own can be daunting and it’s something you’re likely to put off. I mean, you may have seen my social media posts and thought that looks great but how do I even get started … or  well it’s easy for her.  So here I am holding out my hand and saying, here, let me help you. Spend the day with me and I’ll talk you, show you and guide you through it AND I’ll turn it into a total mind, body, spirit booster by adding some of my normal magic to the mix….

Raw Day Booster

Live a whole day eating only raw food and learn how you can incorporate it into your life and feel amazing!  I’ll teach you what you need to know to do a raw food cleanse and boost your health, your mindset and shift any weight you’d like to lose. The programme will also include energy work, daily yoga and meditation for a full Mind, Body & Spirit tune in.

What’s provided?

This is an overnight programme because, when you stay the night before, you get the full day raw experience and yoga & meditation before breakfast.

As this is a brand new programme, I’m doing an introductory offer of just £299 and if you bring a mate along, I’ll discount the price to £199 each. BUT, in return, you will agree to provide me with testimonials.

Don’t let anything stop you from feeling amazing. Book a discovery call with me to agree on dates by filling in the box below….



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