Looking at this beautiful flower reminds me of a previous life in Turkey.

Even though this vibrant bloom is native to Native America, it has spread worldwide through its marvellous little seeds. I’d often pass these fields of yellow with their heads turned toward the sun feeding on vitamin D as I drove past on one of my adventures.

And most days in the village, we would sit around chatting as we effortlessly popped seeds between our teeth in swift and precise movements that were actually a well-practiced art.

My in-laws didn’t know about the health properties of seeds and I eventually gave up trying to educate them on health properties of any foods – I realised it didn’t matter to them anyway, because they ate a great balanced diet naturally.

And this is what they do:

And what does that all really mean?

Well, the mineral selenium for instance is an antioxidant that works in conjunction with vitamin E to help prevent cells from damage.

Magnesium is a preventative against type 2 diabetes and helps reduce migraines, fatigue and constipation. The body needs foliate to make new red blood cells and it may help prevent the changes to DNA that are responsible for causing cancer. It’s also vital for pregnant women in the baby development in the womb.

Then minerals like zinc, iron & copper help carry oxygen around the body boosting energy and the immune system.

They are also great for your skin as the Vitamin E blocks free radicals and if we can fight those off, well, we reduce wrinkles (hurrah!) and keep our skin youthful.

So if you’ve been following me, you’ll know how much I bang on about seeds … I put seeds on and in everything. And this is just one of the seeds that are in my powerhouse jar and the reason I grind them first is so that I get the full benefit from them. If you don’t, the majority of them will just go straight through your system and you’ll waste their amazingness!

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