Do you know how to protect yourself?

I’m talking about your energetic body. The energy that surrounds your body. Your energetic field or what some people call your aura.

This is as much a part of your body as your limbs and your mind are and just like those, we need to keep our energetic field healthy and in good shape too.

So we’ve all heard about grounding – and we all know that we should walk barefoot on the earth to ground us, right? I’m sure you’ve all heard that even though you may not know exactly why. It’s called earthing or grounding and it feels just wonderful! You know when you’re walking in nature – don’t you just feel right at home? People often say they have a love of nature and its true, it is love because it’s a connection. We are connected to this earth – This living organism we live on and are part of. We come from it. The food, the water, the air in its atmosphere – it’s aura if you like is what makes us.

So when you walk barefoot. Skin on earth, there’s a transaction taking place. We’re  pulling in energy from the earth and releasing energies into it. It’s a polarity – your feet reaching South, the earth reaching North – an exchange of energy is happening because of our connection to Mother Earth and it’s our birthright.

But it’s not just about walking and drawing energy from the earth. It’s about living on it. Because the earth is vibrating at around 7.83hz and that is known as Schumanns resonance. Google it – you’ll find it on youtube but if it has a music track over it, listen to the vibrational noise behind it.

Back in 1960 a scientist called Rutger Weve conducted an experiment on healthy students. He put them in an underground bunker that was purpose built for the experiment and was totally isolated from the earths vibration. For 4 weeks, those students reported a range of symptoms – nauseous, severe headaches, depression and exhaustion. Rutger Weve then put a generator in the bunker that emitted the frequency of Schumanns resonance and all of the students symptoms stopped and they returned to great health.

This natural resonance – this healing frequency – is so important for all living organisims that the lack of it leads to disease in a very short period of time.

We, as the children of planet earth, are tied to this frequency and so is our health. This was apparent when the first astronauts suffered serious health problems – that was until NASA began to use Schumann resonance generators in their spacecraft … no more sick astronauts.

So great – we live on planet earth – we’re surrounded by Schumans resonance right? Sure. But what interferes with it? EMF – Electro magnetic frequencies … mobile phones – microwaves – wireless devices – power lines – satellite broadcasts – in other words… technology. While we as a race have embraced technology, our bodies at a cellular level have not.

Exposure to EMFS can lead to a deterioration of health and a weakening of your immune system and some of the symptoms in us human beings are:

Blurred Vision
Bad Memory
Hormonal disorders
Emotional disorders

Emf’s have even been found to affect both female and male fertility and studies indicate that emf exposure can decrease sperm fertility. AND there are studies into EMFS for the onset of early menopause and severe menopausal symptoms – I’m just scratching the surface here.

We live in a seriously fast evolving world when it comes to tech and of course, it’s necessary in the world we now live in. So, we need to learn how to protect ourselves from the damage it can do to our health and there are simple things we can do.

So I want to recommend 3 things you can do today to protect your energy.

The first is shungite

Shungite is a black carbon mineral. I actually use it in my water bottle as it cleans water from almost all organic compounds such as pesticides, metals and bacteria.

You can buy a small piece with a magnet on which you attach to your mobile phone and any other electronic sources and it will weaken the impact of the electromagneic radiation on your body. It neutralises the effects of EMFs.

The second is rock salt lamps

 These are natural negative ionizers. The heat from the bulb warms the salt lamp and it emits an electrical charge which ionizes the atmosphere and helps to neutralise harmful EMF’s. I have one in the lounge that I leave on all the time and one in the bedroom.

And the third is a stainless steel spoon

 Its for grounding when there’s not a patch of grass to be seen. Whenever you feel out of sorts or disconnected. You get a stainless steel spoon and you rub it around the sole of your foot it will act like a magnet and polaise the cells aligning you with earth once more.

All of these things you can either get today or order and get tomorrow. They are simple solutions to help protect you in a complicated world and when you think of the amount of people suffering from mental health issues, autoimmune disease, fertility issues, hormonal problems, cancers and all the unexplained aches and pains, logic will tell you it’s surely no coincidence that the more tech we get, the more these conditions are on the rise. Think about it.

Oh and before I go – another little tip. Turn off your wifi before you go to bed at night. You don’t need it and you’ll prevent yourself from being surrounded by EMF’s as you sleep.

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