As usual, I got an idea in my head and acted upon it and now I’m without a roof over my head, about to launch a membership site on May 1st and exhibiting at the London Wellbeing show May 25 – 28 and trying to fill a retreat in September, but you know what, I’m taking it all in my stride because I have faith.
I have faith in a lifetime of impulsive experiences
I have faith in human kindness
I have faith in universal order
I have faith in karma
And most of all, I have faith in my abilities because I’ve weathered more storms than is fair in one lifetime and my ship has been reinforced with titanium!
So yes this note is about the power of positivity.
It’s about reaching deep within ourselves and recognising our battles & victories then using them to map out our futures.
I sincerely hope you will join my membership site as I am putting my heart and soul into helping everyone get healthy and happy and if that means losing weight along the way, then so be it And I’m making affordable for everyone at just £10 per month.
I’d sincerely love to see you at the London Wellbeing show because I love meeting people in real life – you cannot beat human connection.
And not least, as I travel around the country on my 6 month nomadic journey, I’m planning to drop in on members of my site to give them an in person yoga lesson or cook one of my recipes with them and video it for the site – I hope I get to meet you along the way.
I’m excited for the future … yours and mine.
I may have bitten off a lot, but as I chew it over, I think I’ll digest it just fine…
Sending you much love,