So tell me, do you take a supplement each day as a way to get your vitamins?

Are you perhaps taking B6 or B12 or a little folate? These over the counter pills tend to be the most common ones and they get popped every day in the hope they will ease menstrual pain, keep anemia in check or somehow temper your flighty hormones.

But did you know that taking too much B6 over long periods of time can actually lead to peripheral neuropathy which is a loss of feeling in your arms and legs. Of course this improves once you stop taking too much … or does it? Well, not in all cases as in some people it can become permanent.

And did you know that if you take too much folate (iron) it can disguise a vitamin B12 deficiency, especially as you get older and that can damage your nervous system.

And guess what … you really don’t need supplements at all if you’re eating properly.

Take a look at the B vitamin chart above – I’ve made it so you can see at a glance where you’re B vitamins are coming from and it’s one of the factors I use to design my meal plans. There are of course more foods that contain this lot, but I’ve named just 3 in each category that I use to create my recipes with.

Do yourself a favour; if you’ve got a bottle or two of supplements that are self diagnosed and shop bought, go and get them … then throw them in the bin, join my membership site and start eating properly. Before you know it your eyes will sparkle, your hair will shine and the biggest organ of your body will glow with renewed youth and goodness.

You simply need to eat real food to get your body working and looking as it was meant to – B is for Balance you know.

If you’d like a copy of this to stick on your fridge, then just click on the ‘at a glance’ image and you’ll get a link to download a copy.

Sending you love,