I was at a social gathering at the weekend and got speaking to a young girl who was asking me how she could lose weight. I asked her some general questions, just to get a feel of what she needed most and was really saddened by what I discovered.

At the end of the evening I thought about her and it made me both upset and angry and I wondered just how many others like her there were out there – how many young girls popping pills daily as if they were sweets. You see it wasn’t just the weight problem, she was also suffering from health conditions that she’d been given pills for … 4 different pills every day. In fact, she has them all on repeat prescription which tells me everything I need to know – As far as getting better goes, she won’t be. Instead, she’ll just continue on medication to help mask any symptoms, continue to punish herself by overeating and continue taking the antidepressants she’s been prescribed to to get her through her life … at just 19 years of age.

It’s just a common case of putting your faith in doctors and hoping they can make you well, because you don’t know any better.

Now let me state for the record, I have nothing against Doctors at all, quite the opposite in fact. I find them admirable creatures and I know they mean well – but in the majority they just do what they’ve been trained to do, as that’s what they believe in.

A long time ago we used and were treated by Mother nature. On this planet there is everything we need to keep us healthy. Our bodies are made to be strong and powerful because we were meant to use them to survive the elements and the dangers of the outside. It’s as simple as the nettle and the dock leaf which grow side by side – one will hurt you and the other will cure you. That is the balance of nature and it is what we have – what we have always had and yet, it was so easily forgotten with progress and shiny new chemicals came along to replace roots, leaves and fruit & vegetables. We turned our back on mother nature and our bodies suffered for it … but it’s not too late.  I believe we are on the precipice of a massive change and people are looking more and more outside the medical profession to get healthy … that fills me with joy and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it.

I know in my heart that I can help this girl. I know if she makes changes to her diet and follows my meal plans, she will be off all of those tablets in a very short space of time. Of course, it’s not just the body that needs clearing, it’s the mind and spirit too as we need balance in all of our parts to maintain long term results. A lot of that comes with the realisation that the food is working and suddenly you believe it’s actually possible!

Give someone hope and you give them a light in their darkness, but give someone results and they will light their own way.

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Sending you love,