One of my Tuesday Teach sessions to my private members group, was  a live class on herbal tea making, demonstrated with my own personal blend that I call ‘Happy Tea‘.

I’ve been making my own herbal tea for years because

a) I dislike the stuff that comes in a box and I’m always suspicious of just how much good stuff is in it and

b) because I want the full effect of the medicinal benefits from the herbs.

Real herbal tea is medicine – pure and simple and I would love it if as a nation we reached more into the herb stash instead of the pill box. Nearly everyone I speak to is taking medication for one thing or another and it’s especially sad when that person is a young one on anti depressants. I find the world we live in very sad in that respect and I’d like to change it. I want to go back to a time when illness and disease was prevented by herbs and real food – when obesity was not a common word and there was no such thing as fibromyalgia. Yes I realise I am just one person … but if I share some of my knowledge with you, you can share it with someone too and little by little we can make a difference.

Herbs and all things natural have been a passion of mine since I was a kid and there has been plenty of trial and error along the way – lotions, potions and all manner of concoctions made with weeds and hope. I am simply in awe of Mother Nature’s brilliance and I truly believe that there is a natural substance for everything that ails us – I’ve known that ever since I learned the dock leaf grows next to the stinging nettle.

I am not Nicholas Culpepper by any means, but I do have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with herbs and tincture making as It’s been a lifelong interest.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m preparing training documents on the basics as, well this is a news flash, in the not too distant future, there will be Bellibone Consultants in different areas of the country so that we can spread the word further and faster!

I’m also preparing course work for my private clients who want 1-1 in depth learning on the mind, body and spirit health subjects. So, to tie in with this theme, I will be scheduling in some ‘teach’ about  Herb Lore over in my membership group for our Tuesday chats, so if this is something that interests you, come on over and join in – you can sign up here:

In the meantime, I’d like to tell you about happy tea recipe and what’s in it.


Green Tea: Antioxidant, boosts your metabolic rates so helps with weight loss. Lowers the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and improves brain function.

Dandelion Leaf: Anti inflammatory. Lowers BP. Stabilise blood sugar. Antiviral. Diuretic (remember it used to be called a wet the bed?!)

Lemon Balm: Aka Melisa. This is my go to herb of choice. It grows all over the UK and you can dry it yourself. It relieves stagnant digestion. Eases anxiety. Relaxes your muscles. Regulates thyroid and has an enzyme that increases your brain GABA – a little bit like a high.

This tea is great for your digestion so a cup after meals does wonders for you. It’s also really good before bedtime to promote sleep, but if you’re suffering with sleep issues and it doesn’t work for you, add a teaspoon of Valerian to the whole mix and try that.

If you’re on Warfarin, Statins or any kind of anti depressant – please check with your doctor before drinking this tea. It is not to be confused with herbal tea from the supermarket.

The work that Nicholas Culpepper did in his lifetime formed the basis and key development for medicine as we know it today.

You can buy dried herbs online from Amazon, and I’ve used a few different suppliers who have all send good product – ‘Buy Wholefoods Online’ is one such company, but there are plenty of others so you can do your comparisons before buying.

If you’d like to learn more about making little tweaks to your lifestyle to make big differences to your health and longevity, then click the link and join us!