Strength of an eagle

Ready for a little test? I was working with a client yesterday whose yoga level would be great, if it wasn’t for a couple of rogue body parts inhibiting her flexibility. This is terribly frustrating but quite common and it’s something that happens when you’ve had an injury or surgery. You’re told you need to […]

Suffering from back pain? Time to get hip happy

If you’ve been suffering with lower back or hip pain or you have trouble standing for long periods, then the chances are your hip flexors need attention … sooner rather than later. The good new is, these conditions can be reversed if you start exercising them now. Your hip flexors are what allow you to […]

Bridge of change

  It was a pretty impressive bridge – hanging there all red & green shine as slow cows and hot people meandered across it. I was excited as I stepped onto it; this significant bridge became a symbol for this period in my life, because it was about to change mine. That was one year […]

Not just for spiritual types

So I read recently that yoga may be able to change the activity of your genes!! These claims are backed up by a scientific review …  great, but what does that actually mean? Well from how I understand it, when practicing yoga we undergo a ‘downregulation’ of nuclear factor kappa B, which is a substance […]