Feeling emotional?

The last few days have brought periods of overwhelming sadness with them and I had no idea why. And then I remembered, we are coming up to a blood moon. Now I’m no expert in the moon cycles, but I do know these can disturb  the boxes that are neatly tucked away in our minds. […]

A bitter pill to swallow

I was at a social gathering at the weekend and got speaking to a young girl who was asking me how she could lose weight. I asked her some general questions, just to get a feel of what she needed most and was really saddened by what I discovered. At the end of the evening […]

Suffering from back pain? Time to get hip happy

If you’ve been suffering with lower back or hip pain or you have trouble standing for long periods, then the chances are your hip flexors need attention … sooner rather than later. The good new is, these conditions can be reversed if you start exercising them now. Your hip flexors are what allow you to […]