Let’s start a fire

Today is a special day for me – The Festival of Beltane … Bright fire.   I love all the ancient festivals connected to this earth, but the reason I love this one so much is that it was once my name. Many years ago, I decided to change my name by deed poll. I […]

Energy matters

Do you know how to protect yourself? I’m talking about your energetic body. The energy that surrounds your body. Your energetic field or what some people call your aura. This is as much a part of your body as your limbs and your mind are and just like those, we need to keep our energetic […]

Feeling emotional?

The last few days have brought periods of overwhelming sadness with them and I had no idea why. And then I remembered, we are coming up to a blood moon. Now I’m no expert in the moon cycles, but I do know these can disturb  the boxes that are neatly tucked away in our minds. […]

The gratitude attitude

How grateful are you? I’m sure there’s not any one of us who wouldn’t feel grateful for the big things in life like buying the perfect flat, getting a great promotion, winning the lottery, finding a decent man … odds are about the same! (Kidding). But we often forget to practice gratitude for the little […]

Spiritual spring cleaning

Many years ago when I grew in the East End of London, I remember women in pinnies on their hands and knees cleaning their front doorsteps en mass. It was a bit like a religious event and every housewife in town went at it like a dervish. ‘Soap and water costs nothing’ they would say […]