Food is medicine – it’s a fact and I work with my clients on that basis.  Nothing could make me prouder than this letter that was received by Leanne, one of my 90 day clients who was suffering badly with Ulcerative Colitis. Her hair was falling out, she couldn’t lead a normal life and her consultant had advised they would no longer give her steroids but were putting her on immunosuppressant’s. Filled with dread, she she contacted me in July and asked me to help.


Leanne started my 90 day programme in August, just after here faecal calprotectin test  recorded 774. We kicked off her programme by energy testing her against a list of foods and I then designed a meal plan around what her body needed, including certain supplements and a digestive tea I made for her.  I then devised and taught her a yoga routine that concentrated on her digestion as well as overall health.

Each month we charted her progress, tracking improvements as we went and each month she got better and better. Then, in November 2017, when she had her next test her test results were down to 7, which basically meant she was completely clear of UC.

She says I kept her alive but I know she did it herself. You see, your body is just waiting for the right fuel to help it do its job. To heal and repair, so that it can live fully and happily as it is meant to.

This is the power of what you eat and working with someone who knows it. You can do it too by contacting me here