Feeling emotional?

The last few days have brought periods of overwhelming sadness with them and I had no idea why. And then I remembered, we are coming up to a blood moon. Now I’m no expert in the moon cycles, but I do know these can disturb  the boxes that are neatly tucked away in our minds. […]

Strength of an eagle

Ready for a little test? I was working with a client yesterday whose yoga level would be great, if it wasn’t for a couple of rogue body parts inhibiting her flexibility. This is terribly frustrating but quite common and it’s something that happens when you’ve had an injury or surgery. You’re told you need to […]

The gratitude attitude

How grateful are you? I’m sure there’s not any one of us who wouldn’t feel grateful for the big things in life like buying the perfect flat, getting a great promotion, winning the lottery, finding a decent man … odds are about the same! (Kidding). But we often forget to practice gratitude for the little […]

Is it really a sweet tooth?

Is it really you choosing your food? Me and candida are not friends. That nasty little fungi that feeds on sugar was overgrowing in me last year and getting rid of it was not a great experience, so I will make sure I never get it again and I’d love to help you identify it so that you […]

A bitter pill to swallow

I was at a social gathering at the weekend and got speaking to a young girl who was asking me how she could lose weight. I asked her some general questions, just to get a feel of what she needed most and was really saddened by what I discovered. At the end of the evening […]

B is for balance

  So tell me, do you take a supplement each day as a way to get your vitamins? Are you perhaps taking B6 or B12 or a little folate? These over the counter pills tend to be the most common ones and they get popped every day in the hope they will ease menstrual pain, […]

Suffering from back pain? Time to get hip happy

If you’ve been suffering with lower back or hip pain or you have trouble standing for long periods, then the chances are your hip flexors need attention … sooner rather than later. The good new is, these conditions can be reversed if you start exercising them now. Your hip flexors are what allow you to […]

Biting off more than you can chew…

As usual, I got an idea in my head and acted upon it and now I’m without a roof over my head, about to launch a membership site on May 1st and exhibiting at the London Wellbeing show May 25 – 28 and trying to fill a retreat in September, but you know what, I’m […]

Bridge of change

  It was a pretty impressive bridge – hanging there all red & green shine as slow cows and hot people meandered across it. I was excited as I stepped onto it; this significant bridge became a symbol for this period in my life, because it was about to change mine. That was one year […]

Eat potatoes to lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll often turn your back on potatoes, considering them to be a dieters enemy. In fact, they can be your best friend. The potato is after all just a vegetable – It’s when you cover them in melted cheese they get all evil and malicious. Here’s five reasons why […]

Your sulfur superhero

When I’m writing meal plans for my clients I almost always include a daily dose of msm, because it’s like a little bit of natural magic. MSM occurs naturally in foods like veg, nuts, fruits and seeds and in us. It has an active role to play in the acid/alkaline balance and it’s vital to […]

Spiritual spring cleaning

Many years ago when I grew in the East End of London, I remember women in pinnies on their hands and knees cleaning their front doorsteps en mass. It was a bit like a religious event and every housewife in town went at it like a dervish. ‘Soap and water costs nothing’ they would say […]